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Please Don't HurtThem

Animals are a treasure
A present from Mother Nature
Witnesses of the past
Guarantors of our future...

Hurting them is mean and unfair
Killing them is killing ourself
Animals are beautiful,
Just as we are.

Respect and love is all they deserve
For they will give you back
With a new awakening
a thousand times what you have given.

Enter the pets' corner !Home pets and Companions

The Wilderness is alert and watchingGo hiking in the wild !

      Here are my pets' stories :            Here comes the wildlife :

My next door neighbors' dogs

Ringtail Lemurs

My front door neighbors' dog

Surimi and Sea Elephants

Girlie, the stray dog

Tuna and Dolphins

Ben, good-bye angel!

Willy, the whale

One morning, in Malaysia


Pumpkin, the school cat


Yodi and Nemo



National Geographic


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