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Everybody knows it now!     Mr. Clinton lied!...

Yes, the president of the United States lied to his electors. How outrageous!!
He, who came into power in the name of the holy family, showing off his close bounded three people familial cell like a trophy, a  model to be given to all the Americans, to the entire world, happiness, confidence, family values, truth...
Well, he surely screwed up!

Anyhow, who is nowadays innocent enough to believe that a successful politician shows his true colors, who is to believe that one could trust everything he says, who is to believe that anyone can be as clear as crystal when working his way through the rough waves of the power machine??

No, come on, let's face it, nobody really thought Mr. Clinton was as white as snow!

So why blame him now when what we already know is splashed at our faces?
Why do we want to look at him with a half surprised, half disgusted look?

When we go down to it, the point is not the point is not that he had an affair with Ms. Lewinsky, it is not even that he lied about his relationship with the white house intern, ... What is the point then exactly?

That he was having sex when he was supposed to be dealing the future of humanity? That he was secretly whispering to the young lady's ear when everyone thought he was showing his tenderness for the American people? What exactly is shocking here?
What exactly do people not want to face?

We are pointing a dirty finger at a president, we are spreading stupid photographs, and broadcasting his dishonest declarations over and over again, who are we trying to convince but our sorrow self?

If Mrs. Clinton can face the situation with honor, if Mr. Clinton can face his wife like a man should, then why should the people point at him? Point at them?
He lied? Well, big deal, becoming a politician is like going to a liars' school. If you can't lie, how can you convince electors? Do you truly think that if you heard the truth, you would vote for this guy rather than that one? Do you really believe all the bullshit they give you, less taxes, more happiness, more wealth? If it was that simple, we would have it all by now!

We can understand a lie when it is for a good purpose. This is human nature. Someone is dying, but you tell him he looks good, your friend has a girlfriend, but you smile to his wife, your husband just bought the most ugly tie, and he is so happy, you'll tell him tomorrow... lies, all lies, ... for a good reason.

Mr. Clinton did not have a sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky. Now, they want us to believe that he meant he was in love with her. He was asked about oral sex and not about plain sex encounter, he said no, but asked differently, he would have said yes? Well, who would go and tell everyone about one's private life, why should the president of the United States? This is his private life, his own story, his secret garden, nothing to do with the USA, nothing to do with the world. Why should he have to willingly volunteer information on the subject? Because he is "the" president?
Why does anyone stick his snotty nose in it, why do we let them perjure a family, in the name of honesty? Coming from a lawyer? No, really, a lawyer against a president, a pan against a saucepan? (excuse my French, this is a French expression)
Come on, guys, you both have learnt in the same school! You both have had the same teacher!

Why don't we just turn our backs to the story, why do we talk about it? Why, do we talk so much, as I do right now?
Just because it is interesting, it can be the kick that will break the vase, so stupidly, only to regret that it cannot be repaired.
Unfortunately, the American attackers have no idea how important is USA in other countries, how much everyone takes the temperature in Washington before putting on a jumper. Maybe they look like they know, but as a matter of facts, they really cannot understand, grasp the real essence of it, or they would stop their ignorant destruction right now.
The president of the USA is the leader of the world, knock down the leader leads to anarchy, you have only got a taste of it so far, just watch as it tumbles over.

The world is watching and feels sorry for you, American people. For you who do not realize how far is too far. Publishing a report about someone's private life, PRIVATE, may he be a public personality, is against any human right.
Would Mr. Starr publish his erotic exploits? Would he face the nation if he refuses to publish details, colors, sounds, and smells?
Has anyone ever spent a night with the prude attorney, could someone come forward with some juicy details? I guess not, it would not be as interesting to throw rubbish on a low person as it is to watch someone who is on top getting destroyed.

You might say, if you don't want the information, don't read it, but it doesn't work this way. We need to be aware of what is going on, someone published these inertia, and we are the victims, now we know something we did not want to know. And we must know just like everybody else does. Someone has made these details available, and it is a disgrace for humanity who thinks that when you are a public person, you belong to the public. It is wrong, your public image only belongs to the public, your life belongs to you. The sad thing is that now, what has been done cannot be undone, the knife is in the wound, leave it inside and avoid bleeding, take it out and try curing.  Both ways are extremely painful.
Who knows what can be done?

Many public people died because of the frenzy disrespect of attackers, many people took their own lives, destroyed what was left, so that they would not have to endure it any longer. Is it worth it?

Why can't we let people be, if they can be?

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