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Translation Service

Service de Traduction  Cliquez ici pour lire cette page en français !

How hard can it be to sit down and spend hours doing something you love to do?

Think about it! We are free to do what we want and when we want it. But we are also free to do a good job and to be fair and loyal with our customers.

My specialty is  to translate literary works. When I deal with a writer, I am talking to a fellow-writer, because a translator needs to be a little bit of a writer... So, the writer is like me, subject to blocks and over work charge, a victim of moods and social mishaps, a toy in the hands of hazard. Thus, he understands me and does not sterilize my creativity with time limits, and it feels good. Sometimes, to write "good stuff", all I have to do is... wait and "it" comes to me. At other times, it just won't work and I'd have to sit there and twist and turn resisting sentences and expressions.

Translating is a great job! I love it!

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Welcome to The Golden Archer Translation Service


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Welcome to The Golden Archer Translation Service

Well, as we know, everyone wants the best for the cheapest. Everyone wants it fast, well done, professionally and for the lowest price ever paid...

Our experience is that once a customer trusts you, the price doesn't matter anymore. So it is not really the price that enables the success of the transaction but the quality of the relationship you manage to establish with your partner, the customer.

You will find a price list hereunder. These prices are the same as the prices you will find anywhere else on the internet. We have done a survey before publishing them. Some people propose extremely cheap prices, but then, what is the point in asking for a price at all, when you realize that the translation of a two-page letter comes up to a few dollars, the price does not compensate the time spent downloading the text. If you want this kind of translations, you might as well use a machine translator.

At the Golden Archer, we specialize in literary translations and in technical material concerning avionics (mainly fighter planes), even though we do of course accept any other type of work.

We have worked out specific offers for our specialties.

All our work is done through the Internet. You request an estimation by e-mail, and we reply immediately with our offer and the delivery delay.

Welcome to The Golden Archer Translation Service





Translation/Traduction US$ 0.10
US$0.18 ask us

Minimum US$ 20 US$ 23 idem
Literary/Littéraire US$ 120

US$ 200

Avionics/Aéronautique US$ 600

ask us

nous consulter

*  A chapter cannot exceed 10 pages. This offer is for three chapters of the same book only. It is meant to help writers present their writings to a larger audience or to help them find a foreign publisher.

Un chapitre ne peut excéder 10 pages. Cette offre est valable pour trois chapitres du même livre seulement. Nous voulons ainsi aider les auteurs à introduire leurs oeuvres auprès d'une plus grande audience ou our les aider à trouver un éditeur étranger.

**  A manual cannot exceed 25 pages. Contact us for a special order.

Un manuel ne peut excéder 25 pages. Contactez-nous si vous voulez une quotation spécifique.